Kristen Post

In 2011 I graduated from California Baptist University. Instead of going straight to grad school to get my teaching credential I decided to take some time for myself and to see if becoming a teacher was what I really wanted to do. During that time I had the opportunity volunteer in Thailand for four months. Little did I know those four months would change my life. I was working with Burmese children teaching English everyday, helping with an after school program for Thai children, helping with various outreach programs, and assisting with different community events. After coming back home I knew God still had work for me there, so I went back for another fourteen months.

After coming back home I struggled a lot with what God wanted me to do. I felt him telling me to go back to Thailand as a full time missionary but I was having trouble accepting that. Being a missionary was not something I had ever envisioned myself doing. It wasn’t until a short third trip back to visit my students and friends that God really made it clear once again that was where he wanted me. I will continue to teach English to both Burmese and Thai students, help with community events and outreach programs, but also assist more with volunteer teams and continue to grow and cultivate relationships.